How to Schedule or Cancel an Appointment

How to Schedule Your Appointment with a Tutor

Click the button below:

Academic Appointment2

 Log in to TutorTrac.

-Your Username and Password will be the same as your UAHuntsville Username and Password (the same login for Chargernet, ANGEL, etc.)

-Click Search Availabilty

-Select Tutoring Program

-Choose the section in which you would like to receive tutoring and click search

-Click on the desired appointment time to make your appointment with one of our tutors and save


How to Cancel an Appointment

Click the button below:

Academic Appointment2

Log in to TutorTrac

-Your appointment(s) will be listed on the screen, click on the X to cancel  your appointment

-The Appointment Cancellation screen will appear choose Confirm Cancellation


Attendance Policy

Tutoring sessions are 50 minutes in length.

Students can make up to three appointments per five day period.

You may schedule only one session per subject per day.

Cancellations made through TutorTrac must be no less than 24 hours prior to your appointment or they will be considered a "missed" appointment.

If it is within 24 hours please call or email to cancel. If you do not cancel at all, it will be considered a "missed" appointment.

Three "missed" appointments will result in your status changing to "inactive" and you will be unable to make further tutoring appointments until you meet with the tutoring coordinator.


Should you need further assistance please feel free to contact us. 

123 Madison Hall