Appointment Tips


The Tutoring Program offers one on one or group appointments. If we do not offer tutoring for a class that you need help with please see our Resource page for some great study tips or you can call our office for more information regarding other campus resources. 


Make the Most of Your Appointment

SSC Students Expectations:

Leave a brief note for your tutor when making your appointment so that the tutor can be better prepared.

Bring your textbook, syllabus, notes, handouts, current assignments and any other work that you would normally bring to class.

Prepare for your tutoring session. Read your text, begin your homework, bring your assignment sheet or rough draft - the tutor cannot help you with a blank page.

Participate actively in all aspects of the tutoring session. Ask questions, complete practice problems, discuss any and all problems you may be having with your subject.

Understand that tutoring is a two-way street, one in which students play an active role.


SSC Tutors Expectations:

Help clarify parts of lectures or text.

Assist in solving problems by suggesting possible approaches or solving similar problems.

Will not know ALL the answers to EVERY question ALL the time, but will always work WITH the student to find the answer.

Cannot help students with take home exams.

Students should know that if she/he procrastinated throughout the semester, cramming with you will not produce great results. 


Program Policies

Tutoring sessions are 50 minutes in length.

Students can make up to three appointments per five day period.

You may schedule only one session per subject per day.

Cancellations made through TutorTrac must be no less than 24 hours prior to your appointment or they will be considered a "missed" appointment.

If it is within 24 hours please call or email to cancel. If you do not cancel at all, it will be considered a "missed" appointment.

Three "missed" appointments will result in your status changing to "inactive" and you will be unable to make further tutoring appointments until you meet with the tutoring coordinator.