birdseye group involvedWhat is PASS?

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Program provides course-specific facilitated study groups for historically difficult classes. PASS is led by students who are nominated by faculty members.

  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are peer-led review sessions provided for selected courses. PASS provides a chance for students to come together with classmates to compare notes, discuss study concepts, review for tests, and to develop better study strategies.
  • The sessions are conducted by PASS Leaders. PASS Leaders are students who have already taken the selected course and earned a high grade. In their sessions, they share their study strategies and help session participants learn how to study more effectively. The PASS leader does not re-lecture or give out his/her class notes, but reinforces material covered in class and helps the participants become independent learners.
  • Collaborative learning promotes critical thinking through discussion, clarification of ideas, and evaluation of others' ideas.
  • The PASS program encourages students to work with their classmates and to break the cycle of dependency that they may bring with them from secondary school.

How can I benefit from PASS?

PASS provides peer collaborative learning experiences to help students' academic performance.

  • PASS is an active, peer-led study session that integrates how to learn with what to learn.
  • Students learn effective study skills while actively reviewing course content.
  • PASS makes efficient use of study time.
  • PASS provides an opportunity for students to develop relationships with other students and staff.