Four-Year Plan for Parents

As a parent, you play an important role in your child's career choices. Follow the steps below to help your son or daughter with his/her career development.

First Year - Freshmen

  • Affirm what you see as their skills and talents
  • Be open to all of their career interests
  • Recommend that they seek the help of a Career Counselor at the Student Success Center if needed
  • Ask questions about their long term goals and plans
  • Encourage balanced involvement in campus activities
  • Encourage them to attend a resume workshop or review some resume samples
  • Recommend they learn what a co-op/internship is by visiting the Career Development web site or the office
  • Suggest attending Career Fairs held in September and March
  • Have them look at on-campus and off-campus jobs on the Career Development web site

Second Year - Sophomores

  • Encourage them to use career planning resources
  • Introduce them to or recommend that they talk to people in professions they are considering
  • Encourage them to attend workshops offered by the Career Development Office and Student Success Center
  • Suggest that they make an appointment with someone to review their resume
  • Encourage them to apply for a co-op or internship
  • Encourage them to attend career fairs and company information sessions
  • Advise them to get involved with a professional student organization related to their major

Third Year - Juniors

  • Help them to develop realist expectations about their chosen career(s)
  • Encourage ongoing review and revision of their resume
  • Assist them in identifying potential references
  • Encourage them to apply for a co-op/internship if they have not already
  • Advise them to attend an interview workshop
  • Suggest that they begin researching employers
  • Encourage them to continue to stay involved with student organizations and consider a leadership position within an organization
  • Remind them to attend Career Fairs

Fourth Year - Seniors

  • Suggest that they have their resume reviewed
  • Encourage them to attend an interviewing workshop to sharpen their interviewing skills
  • Advise them to contact their references to let them know that they are now seeking full time employment
  • Remind them to attend Career Fairs
  • Check in with them periodically to talk about something besides the job search
  • Be patient The career search process takes time
  • When offered a job, invite them to sit down and go through the compensation and benefits

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