Degreed Jobs

Within six months to one year prior to graduation, it is recommended that students begin preparing for the job search. The Career Development Office offers  individual counseling to help students build a resume and prepare to present themselves effectively to employers. Students also have the opportunity to network and speak with employers at career fairs each Fall and Spring semester, during Career Awareness Events and at presentations given by employers on campus at various times throughout the year.

If you are a UAHuntsville student or alumni looking for degree related career oppurtunities, check out Charger Path

Also check out how much graduates can expect to make with their degree of study.

Fall 2011 Salary Info for graduates who accepted employment

  • Bachelors
    • Of bachelor-level Liberal Arts graduates, over 57% were offered $25,000+ a year.
    • Of bachelor-level Science graduates, over 50% were offered $30,000+ a year.
    • Of bachelor-level Business Administration graduates, over 57% were offered $35,000+ a year.
    • Of all bachelor-level Engineering graduates, over 70% were offered $50,000+ a year.
  • Masters
    • Of master-level Business Administration graduates, over 79% were offered $60,000+ a year.
    • Of master-level Nursing Graduates, over 83% were offered $65,000+ a year.
    • Over 92% of masters-level Engineering graduates were offered $65,000+ a year.
  • PHD
    • All PHD graduates who accepted employment in the Fall were offered $65,000+ a year.