Your GPA is solid, your resume is immaculate, you are a member of several academic honor societies and you have made sure to be involved in activities and organizations on campus - you are the perfect candidate for a co-op, internship or you are about to graduate and are ready to enter the workforce. But have you taken care of everything? How are your interviewing skills?

Whether you have never been on an interview or you have interviewed twenty times, everyone can use a little help with interview preparation. There are so many factors to consider: Do I need to bring a resume with me? Do I need to have references and how many should I have? Can I wear pants and a button-down shirt or do I need to dress more professionally? Can I take notes and ask questions? What do I do after the interview?

The Career Development Office can help you prepare and feel confident for your next interview. We will be happy to assist you with a mock interview or just answer all of the questions you may have about the interview process. Log onto your Charger Path home page to set up an appointment with your Career Coordinator who can assist you with all aspects of interviewing. Also, please utilize the resources that we have made available for you below!

Schedule a Mock Interview with your Career Coordinator


Interviewing (PowerPoint Presentation)

Common Interview Questions and Answers

What Questions Should I Ask in an Interview?

Business Etiquette (PowerPoint Presentation)

Beyond the Interview (PowerPoint Presentation)

Proven Job Interview Techniques

How to Dress for an Interview