Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded in 1869 at the Virginia Military Institute. Our founders (Hopkins, Quarles, and Riley) founded Sigma Nu based on the ideals of Love, Truth, and Honor. From these three founders the fraternity has grown to over 250,000. The Mu Beta chapter of Sigma Nu was founded in 1991 at UAH. Staying true to our ideals, the tradition of excellence is upheld by over 300 members.
Congratulations on picking UAH as the college of your choice. We are widely known for a top-notch engineering program, one of the best research programs in the nation, and our division I ice hockey team. The overall college experience has many facets, with fraternity rush being an important one. Sigma Nu prides itself in being a large group of men, diverse in talents, who bond through similar values and goals.

If you are looking for a fraternity that:

  • Creates lifetime friendships through bonds of brotherhood
  • Excels in athletics
  • Has the best social calendar on campus
  • Is involved in the university through campus leadership
  • Excels at having high member GPAs

Then Sigma Nu is the place for you.

Please fill out the interest form located at the top of the page to be invited and contacted by our RUSH event organizer.

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