Every year Brothers and Alumni of the Mu Beta Chapter unite to relax for a night, remember old stories, and most importantly celebrate our founding as an official chapter of Sigma Nu. This year was no exception. A large number of Brothers, Alumni, and companions traveled to the illustrious Bridgestreet Town Center to enjoy the fine cuisine offered at P.F.Chang’s China Bistro. P.F.Chang’s was kind enough to reserve their entire outdoor patio area for the group and a large buffet of assorted dishes helped to satisfy all in attendance. Thanks to all that came out and we greatly look forward to our 20-year anniversary next spring!

Badge #

Full Name

Badge #

Full Name

MB 0001

Mr. Matt Michael Youngkin

MB 0002

Mr. Christopher C. Jones

MB 0003

Mr. Benjamin Robert Goode

MB 0004

Mr. Jeffery Robert Umstead

MB 0005

Mr. William Earl Powell, Jr.

MB 0006

Mr. Sean M. Platt

MB 0007

Mr. Dennis Karl Demirjian, DMD

MB 0008

Mr. Robert H. Rose

MB 0009

Mr. Edwin Brinson Ditto

MB 0010

Mr. Jason Michael Berman

MB 0011

Mr. Michael Paul Jadwin

MB 0012

Mr. Nathan Paul Johnson

MB 0013

Mr. Alexander S. Dickinson

MB 0014

Mr. Joseph Scott Hallman

MB 0015

Major William P. MacNaughton, USMC

MB 0016

Mr. Vincent Edward Visone

MB 0017

Mr. Christopher Frank Middleton

MB 0018

Mr. William Todd Hamer

MB 0019

Mr. Kim F. Boldt

MB 0020

Mr. Brent Scott Fee

MB 0021

Mr. James David Ingram

MB 0022

Mr. Daniel P. Howard

MB 0023

Mr. Barry Allen Wright

MB 0024

Mr. Daniel Aaron Carl

MB 0025

Mr. Christopher Carman Gibson

MB 0026

Mr. Erick William Dieperink

MB 0027

Mr. Bryan Wade Nichols

MB 0028

Mr. Ritchie Scott Bufkin

MB 0029

Mr. Daniel Christian Hollands

MB 0030

Mr. Erwin Robert Grigorian

MB 0031

Mr. Lewis Leighton Knox

MB 0032

Mr. Raun Christopher Gay

MB 0033

Mr. Jeffery Brett Hammock

MB 0034

Mr. Samuel Gene Walker

MB 0035

Mr. Brett Alan Nix

MB 0036

Mr. Arnold Jason Griffin

MB 0037

Mr. John Jason Bowling

MB 0038

Mr. Donald Manrique Cano

MB 0039

Mr. Eric Galvin Johnson

MB 0040

Mr. Brian Spencer Strickland

MB 0041

Mr. Thomas G. Dubak

MB 0042

Mr. William Jerome Parks III

MB 0043

Mr. John Warren Gaddi

MB 0044

Mr. Timothy Allen Jakoboski

MB 0045

Mr. David L. Roberts

MB 0046

Mr. Gregory Francis Dubler

MB 0047

Mr. Travis Reed Weeks

MB 0048

Mr. Samuel Shelby Hereford III

MB 0049

Mr. Stephen Edward Curtis Jr

MB 0050

Mr. James Michael Pruitt

MB 0051

Mr. John Daniel Stringer

MB 0052

Mr. Daniel Jackson Stewart

MB 0053

Mr. Thomas A. Rankin

MB 0054

Mr. Travis Sheppard

MB 0055

Mr. Robert Eugene Douthit Jr.

MB 0056

Mr. Michael Douglas Maurice

MB 0057

Mr. Christopher Stephen Matthews

MB 0058

Mr. Ralph John Weber IV

MB 0059

Mr. Robert J. Boyd

MB 0060

Mr. Jason Michael Lewis

MB 0061

Mr. John Charles Awbrey

MB 0062

Mr. Daniel Frederick Percey II

MB 0063

Mr. Jason Ernest Lawler

MB 0064

Mr. Ronald Ray Christ

MB 0065

Mr. Joey Wayne LouAllen

MB 0066

Mr. George Plackett Harper III

MB 0067

Mr. Jeremy Austin Chinn

MB 0068

Mr. Russell Damion McElroy

MB 0069

Mr. Benjamin M. Lankford

MB 0070

Mr. Craig Howard Thomson

MB 0071

Mr. Philip S. Parker

MB 0072

Mr. Mordeis C. Commander III

MB 0073

Mr. Sean T. Smith

MB 0074

Mr. Douglas Andrew Parkinson

TK 0075

MB 0076

Mr. Mark Fowler

MB 0077

Mr. Patrick Wayne Smith

MB 0078

Mr. Anthony Clinton Hanson

MB 0079

Mr. Jonathan Edward Lizenby

MB 0080

Mr. Brian Eric Beck

MB 0081

Mr. Jonathan Graham Gokee

MB 0082

Mr. Aaron Christopher Hammond

MB 0083

Mr. Stephen Chad Williams

MB 0084

Mr. Freddie Wayne White

MB 0085

Mr. Shane Riley Fowler

MB 0086

Mr. Shane Edward Mills

MB 0087

Mr. Kurt Justin Syler, Sr.

MB 0088

Mr. Jason Howard Benson

MB 0089

Mr. Daniel L. Robinson

MB 0090

Mr. Gregory Eric Bacon

MB 0091

Mr. Ernest Scott Tomasi

MB 0092

Mr. Francois Thomas O’Connell Jr.

MB 0093

Mr. Jason Matthew Back

MB 0094

Mr. Israel Michael Shea Marshall

MB 0095

Mr. Robert Drue Burrough

MB 0096

Mr. Jason Mitchell Batchelor

MB 0097

Mr. James K. Drake

MB 0098

Mr. Cesar A. Pena

MB 0099

Mr. Chadwick Anthony Reaves

MB 0100

Mr. Richard Farley Hodge

MB 0101

Mr. Eric Paul Konieczny

MB 0102

Mr. Joshua Dale Eubank

MB 0103

Mr. Joshua Harley Davidson

MB 0104

Mr. Lewis Richard Knox

MB 0105

Mr. Ritesh Kumar Sharma

MB 0106

Mr. Joshua Daniel Fowler

MB 0107

Mr. William D. McDaniel Jr.

MB 0108

Mr. Brody W. Walker

MB 0109

Mr. Scott C. Foster

MB 0110

Mr. Keith Bradley Gaddis

MB 0111

Mr. Dale Thomas Jobes

MB 0112

Mr. Richard Garrett Davis

MB 0113

Mr. Christopher Joseph Sabia

MB 0114

Mr. Clellon Seth Downs

MB 0115

Mr. Jeremy James Millich

MB 0116

Mr. David Aaron Hovis

MB 0117

Mr. Kevin Shane Osborne

MB 0118

Mr. Nicholas Raphael Noletto

MB 0119

Mr. Christopher Wayne Lieble

MB 0120

Mr. Paul Albert Vaughan III

MB 0121

Mr. Nathan Andrew Carlisle

MB 0122

Mr. Christopher Allen Couvillion

MB 0123

Mr. Tyler Grant Gillig

MB 0124

Mr. Dusten Scott Dutton

MB 0125

Mr. Gregory Adam Bliss

MB 0126

Mr. David J. Makowski

MB 0127

Mr. Brad Magill

MB 0128

Mr. Joseph Dutton

MB 0129

Mr. Jedidiah Noah Fowler

MB 0130

Mr. Lucas Benjamin Howell

MB 0131

Mr. Ryan A. Mills

MB 0132

Mr. Jared Chafin

MB 0133

Mr. John Duncan Cooper

MB 0134

Mr. Patrick Prater Holt Bobo

MB 0135

Mr. William Nolan Tallman

MB 0136

Mr. Cedric Alexander Reeves

MB 0137

Mr. Garrett Richard Parr

MB 0138

Mr. Nicholas Cole Hughes

MB 0139

Mr. Aaron Michael Swearengin

MB 0140

Mr. Jedidiah Austin Earls

MB 0141

Mr. Andrew Christian Habel

MB 0142

Mr. Andrew Douglas Hodges

TK 0143

MB 0144

Mr. Clayton Eugene Hollinhead

MB 0145

Mr. Asa Jeremiah Gilliland

MB 0146

Mr. Christopher Frank Comperda

MB 0147

Mr. Jonathan Ryan Stephens

MB 0148

Mr. William Fitzgerald Irby III

MB 0149

Mr. Douglas Edward Mucha

MB 0150

Mr. Brandon Allen Price

MB 0151

Mr. Damon Christopher Thomas

MB 0152

Mr. Joshua Wade Whitworth

MB 0153

Mr. Aaron Ray Shewbart

MB 0154

Mr. Barry Michael Tidwell

MB 0155

Mr. Joseph Clay Kimbrough

MB 0156

Mr. Matthew Clayton Syler

MB 0157

Mr. Jesse Lee Sexton

MB 0158

Mr. William H. Satterfield, Jr

MB 0159

Mr. Jason Robert Purdy

MB 0160

Mr. Brett Gardner Bonner Jr.

MB 0161

Mr. Daniel Reid Davenport

MB 0162

Mr. Brent Christopher Ullom

MB 0163

Mr. Christopher George Ramsden

MB 0164

Mr. William Joseph Kennedy

MB 0165

Mr. Kyle Walker

MB 0166

Mr. Ryan James White

MB 0167

Mr. Matt Carter

MB 0168

Mr. John Russell Crosswy

MB 0169

Mr. Elisha James Screws

MB 0170

Mr. Bogdan Christian Ghita

MB 0171

Mr. Randall Timothy Knight

MB 0172

Mr. Daniel “Frog” Hinton

MB 0173

Mr. Allen Thomas Wampler

MB 0174

Mr. Jeremy Dwight Cheek

MB 0175

Mr. Christopher Wayne Gray

MB 0176

Mr. Stephen Jeremy Sampley

MB 0177

Mr. Chet Ashford Willoughby

MB 0178

Mr. Charles Anderson Watwood

MB 0179

Mr. Dustin Wayne Whited

MB 0180

Mr. Brian James Thompson

MB 0181

Mr. Bradley Scott Lawrence

MB 0182

Mr. Anthony David White

TK 0183

MB 0184

Mr. Jude Roger Bhika

MB 0185

Mr. Daniel Roy Dodd

MB 0186

Mr. Clint Hovis

MB 0187

Mr. Jason Alan Williams

MB 0188

Mr. Sean Stewart

MB 0189

Mr. George James Cieutat III

MB 0190

Mr. Eric Quinton McClure

MB 0191

Mr. Ron Jacob Blaney

MB 0192

Mr. John Krusac

MB 0193

Mr. Richard Nash

MB 0194

Mr. Dane Arthur Schoonover

MB 0195

Mr. Robert Baltz

MB 0196

Mr. William Andrew Alexander

MB 0197

Mr. Joshua Seth Burton

MB 0198

Mr. Travis Edwin Lopeman

MB 0199

Mr. Jonathon Grose

MB 0200

Mr. Tye William Abell

MB 0201

Mr. Asa Paul Freedman

MB 0202

Mr. Dan Close

MB 0203

Mr. Hiroyuki Ushirobira

TK 0204

MB 0205

Mr. Bradley Davis Johnson

MB 0206

Mr. Ronald Wayne Craft Jr.

MB 0207

Mr. Tyler Varnagatas

MB 0208

Mr. Adam Christiansen

MB 0209

Mr. John Patrick Maher

MB 0210

Mr. Joshua Johnson

MB 0211

currently active

MB 0212

Mr. Brian Stauner

MB 0213

Mr. Shane Padget Hanrahan

MB 0214

Mr. Malcolm Johnson

MB 0215

Mr. Derek Lawson Comeens

MB 0216

Mr. Nicholas Pickford Thompson

MB 0217

Mr. Joseph Wiley Ditto

MB 0218

Mr. Ronnie Ware

MB 0219

Mr. Justin Michael Shelton

MB 0220

Mr. Taylor Bryan

MB 0221


MB 0222


MB 0223

Mr. Adam Jeffrey Fanning

MB 0224

currently active

MB 0225

Mr. Eric William Terry

MB 0226

Mr. Adam B. Creel

MB 0227

Mr. Max Franks

MB 0228


MB 0229

currently active

MB 0230


MB 0231

Mr. Jason Scott Shaw

MB 0232

Mr. Adam K. Wilson

MB 0233

Mr. Thomas Bernard Heckwolf

MB 0234

currently active

MB 0235


MB 0236

Mr. Carlos Eduardo Perez-Silva

MB 0237

Mr. Jordan Gregory Hendon

MB 0238

currently active

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