Weather & Climate

Phillip Bitzer (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. University of Alabama in Huntsville


Larry Carey (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. Colorado State University

Radar meteorology, lightning meteorology, severe storms, precipitation physics

John Christy (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. University of Illinois

Satellite remote sensing, global climate change.

Kevin Knupp (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. Colorado State University

Cloud and atmospheric boundary layer processes, severe storms

Gang Li (Physics) Ph.D. Indiana University

Space weather

Richard McNider (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. University of Virginia

Regional air quality models

Udaysankar Nair (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. Colorado State University

Numerical Modeling of Atmospheric Processes, Land atmosphere interactions

Michael Newchurch (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. Georgia Tech

Boundary layer atmospheric chemistry, satellite, balloon-borne, and lidar remote sensing of atmospheric ozone, trace gases, and aerosols

William Vaughan, (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. University of Tennessee

Applied climatology, mesoscale meteorology, standard and reference atmosphere models