Surface Science

Surface Science

Abdalla Elsamadicy (Physics) Ph.D. Alabama A&M University

Thin film deposition and characterization, surface modification by laser beams, nano-engineering

Michael George (Chemistry) Ph.D. Arizona State University

Sensors, surface properties

John Gregory (Chemistry) Ph.D. Imperial College, London, U. K.

Surface chemistry, structure of surfaces, surface reactions, modification of surfaces, hyperthermal gas-surface reaction mechanisms

Seyed Sadeghi (Physics) Ph.D. University of British Columbia, Canada

Morphology of quantum well interfaces, interface nanostructures

Carmen Scholz (Chemistry) Ph.D. University of Technology, Dresden, Germany

Biocompatible and biodegradable polymers

Emanuel Waddell (Chemistry) Ph.D. Louisiana State University

Laser ablation, polymer surface modification, molecular patterning, microfluidics

Jeffrey Weimer (Chemistry/Chemical Engineering) Ph.D. M.I.T.

Adhesion, heterogeneous catalysts, thin films, corrosion/electrochemistry, surface spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy