Materials Science

Materials Science

James Baird (Chemistry) Ph.D. Harvard

Radiation chemistry, crystal growth, critical phenomena, diffusion, shock waves and heat transfer

Michael George (Chemistry) Ph.D. Arizona State University

Sensors, surface properties

Don Gregory (Physics) Ph.D. University of Alabama in Huntsville

Optical and quantum properties of materials

John Gregory (Chemistry) Ph.D. Imperial College, London, U. K.

Surface chemistry, structure of surfaces, surface reactions, modification of surfaces, hyperthermal gas-surface reaction mechanisms


 William Kaukler (Chemistry) Ph.D. University of Toronto, Canada

Solidification and crystal growth of polyphase metallic and organic materials, interface characterization, diagnostic techniques,  low-gravity experimentation

Carmen Scholz (Chemistry) Ph.D. University of Technology, Dresden, Germany

Biocompatible and biodegradable polymers

Bernhard Vogler (Chemistry) Ph.D. University of Tuebingen, Germany

Nuclear magnetic resonance, structure of small molecules, polymers

Emanuel Waddell (Chemistry) Ph.D. Louisiana State University

Laser ablation, polymer surface modification, molecular patterning, microfluidics

Jeffrey Weimer (Chemistry/Chemical Engineering) Ph.D. M.I.T.

Adhesion, heterogeneous catalysts, thin films, corrosion/electrochemistry, surface spectroscopy, scanning probe microscopy