Environmental Science

Environmental Science

Robert Griffin (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University

GIS, satellite image processing, remote sensing, environmental archaeology, land cover, land use change, Earth system science

Kevin Knupp (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. Colorado State University

Atmospheric measurement technology

Robert Lawton (Biological Sciences) Ph.D. University of Chicago

Forest ecology, natural products biology

Joseph Leahy (Biological Sciences) Ph.D. University of Maryland

Environmental microbiology, biodegradation of toxic chemicals

Jia Li (Mathematical Sciences) Ph.D. University of Tennessee

Mathematical modeling of infectious diseases

Luciano Matzkin (Biological Sciences) Ph.D. SUNY at Stony Brook

Evolution, insect adaptation, detoxification, genomics

Richard McNider (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. University of Virginia

Regional air quality models, atmospheric pollution

Udaysankar Nair (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. Colorado State University

Numerical modeling of aerosol transport, atmospheric mercury pollution

Michael Newchurch (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. Georgia Tech

Atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric ozone 


Thomas Sever (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. University of Colorado

Climate and natural collapse

Bruce Stallsmith (Biological Sciences) Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Boston

Ecology of North American freshwater fishes

William Vaughan (Atmospheric Science) Ph.D. University of Tennessee

Applied climatology