Differential Equations

Differential Equations

Shangbing Ai (Mathematical Sciences) Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh

Dynamical systems, applied mathematics

Craig Cowan (Mathematical Sciences) Ph.D. University of British Columbia, Canada

Elliptical partial differential equations, regularity of solutions, Liouville typetheorems


Mark Friedman (Mathematical Sciences) Ph.D. Cornell University

Numerical bifurcation analysis, scientific computing, numerical partial differential equations, applied dynamical systems

Wenzhang Huang (Mathematical Sciences) Ph.D. Claremont Graduate School

Ordinary differential equations, functional differential equations, partial differential equations, dynamical systems and applications to mathematical biology

Jia Li (Mathematical Sciences) Ph.D. University of Tennessee

Ordinary differential equations, difference equations, mathematical biology

S. S. Ravindran (Mathematical Sciences) Ph.D. Simon Fraser University, Canada

Numerical analysis, scientific computation, computational fluid dynamics, control and optimization

Dongsheng Wu (Mathematical Sciences) Ph.D. Michigan State University

Numerical partial differential equations, stochastic differential equations