Computer Science

Computer Science

Ramazan Aygun (Computer Science) Ph.D. SUNY at Buffalo

Multimedia systems, video processing and compression, video standards, database systems, bioinformatics

Letha Etzkorn (Computer Science) Ph.D. UAH

Software metrics, program comprehension, software re-use, knowledge-based systems, object-oriented software development, client/server middleware

Sara Graves (Computer Science) Ph.D. UAH

Data mining and knowledge discovery, interoperability of data and systems


Wei Li (Computer Science) Ph.D. Virginia Tech

Formal methods

Sun-il Kim (Computer Science) Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Cyber security, networked and distributed systems, vehicular telematics

Timothy Newman (Computer Science) Ph.D. Michigan State

Visualization, graphics, computer vision, biomedical imaging

Mikel Petty (Computer Science) Ph.D. University of Central Florida

Modeling and simulation, computational complexity

Heggere Ranganath (Computer Science) Ph.D. Auburn University

Image processing, pattern recognition, neural networks

Peter Slater (Mathematical Sciences/Computer Science) Ph.D. University of Iowa

Computational complexity, facility location, network modeling

Mary Ellen Weisskopf (Computer Science) Ph.D. UAH

Operating systems, distributed processing

Huaming Zhang (Computer Science) Ph.D. SUNY at Buffalo

Graph and networking algorithms, approximation algorithms, computational geometry

Feng Zhu (Computer Science) Ph.D. Michigan State University

Computer security and privacy, computer networks