Biotechnology & Structural Biology

Biotechnology & Structural Biology

Ramazan Aygun (Computer Science) Ph.D. SUNY at Buffalo


James Baird (Chemistry) Ph.D. Harvard

Protein crystal growth

Luis Cruz-Vera (Biological Sciences) Ph.D. Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Mexico City, Mexico

Protein synthesis, gene expression regulation, function of antibiotics

Leland Cseke (Biological Sciences) Ph.D. University of Michigan

Plant molecular biology and biotechnology, plant secondary metabolism, environmental genomics

Joseph Leahy (Biological Sciences) Ph.D. University of Maryland

Molecular and genetic aspects of hydrocarbon degradation by bacteria

Roy Magnuson (Biological Sciences) Ph.D. M.I.T.

Bacterial gene expression, biochemistry, genetics

Luciano Matzkin (Biological Sciences) Ph.D. SUNY at Stony Brook

Evolution, insect adaptation, detoxification, genomics

Hana McFeeters (Chemistry) Ph.D. Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Macromolecular interactions, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy, development and characterization of inhibitors of viral, bacterial, and fungalpathogens

Robert McFeeters (Chemistry) Ph.D. Cornell University

Macromolecular interactions, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy, infectious diseases, developing viral entry inhibitors and microbicides

Eric Mendenhall (Biological Sciences) Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Epigenetics and chromatin biology, synthetic biology, genomics

Timothy Newman (Computer Science) Ph.D. Michigan State University

            Biomedical imaging


Joseph Ng (Biological Sciences) Ph.D. University of California, Riverside

Protein crystallography, structural biology of extremophile proteins

Carmen Scholz (Chemistry) Ph.D. University of Technology, Dresden, Germany

Biocompatible and biodegradable polymers

John Shriver (Biological Sciences/Chemistry) Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University

Structural biology, nuclear magnetic resonance

William Setzer (Chemistry) Ph.D. University of Arizona

Natural products drug discovery, phytochemistry

Pamela Twigg (Chemistry) Ph.D. Florida State University

Protein biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, biomolecular NMR, biomolecular interactions, metabolomics, neurological disease

Bernhard Vogler (Chemistry) Ph.D. University of Tuebingen, Germany

Nuclear magnetic resonance, structure determination, natural products, phytochemistry, drug discovery drug discovery

 Emanuel Waddell (Chemistry) Ph.D. Louisiana State University

Laser ablation, polymer surface modification, molecular patterning, microfluidics