Vladimir Florinski

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Office: CRH 2039

Phone: 256-961-7317

Email: vaf0001@uah.edu




  • M.S. 1997, St. Petersburg State Technical University
  • Ph.D. 2001, University of Arizona


Research interests

My research interests encompass broad areas of space physics, plasma physics, and computational physics with applications to heliophysics, cosmic-ray physics, are particle transport. Most of my recent work is on four important aspect of the solar wind – Local Interstellar Medium interaction:

  • Transport of galactic cosmic rays in turbulent plasma flows in the heliosphere and beyond,
  • Acceleration and transport of energetic charged particles and their effect on the solar wind and the termination shock,
  • Particle-wave interactions, scattering, instabilities
  • Plasma physics of the heliospheric interface.

My two principal research methods are theoretical analysis and numerical simulations using high-performance computers. Such modeling efforts are closely coordinated with space and ground based observations, including the Voyager interstellar mission and IBEX.

heliopause 311 256trajectories 256

The figure on the left shows a simulated heliopause draped by interstellar magnetic field lines as "seen" by a cosmic ray particle approaching the solar system from interstellar space. The figure on the right shows two simulated stochastic trajectories of galactic protons inside the heliosphere.


Awards and recognition

  • NSF CAREER award, 2010
  • S. T. Wu CSPAR award, 2010


Current graduate students


Yihong "Shirley" Wu

Ph.D. expected 2016

Dissertation: “Pickup ion production in the global heliosphere and heliosheath”.


Past graduate students


Udara Senanayake

Ph.D. 2015

Dissertation: “Acceleration and transport of anomalous cosmic rays: effects of shock geometry and magnetic field topology”.


Selected recent publications

  1. Florinski, V., Magnetic flux tube interchange at the heliopause, Astrophysical Journal, 813, 49 (2015).
  2. Senanayake, U., Florinski, V., Cummings, A. C., and Stone, E. C., Spectral evolution of anomalous cosmic rays at Voyager 1 beyond the termination shock, Astrophysical Journal, 804, 12 (2015).
  3. Florinski, V., Stone, E. C., Cummings, A. C., and le Roux, J. A., Energetic particle anisotropies at the heliospheric boundary. II. Transient features and rigidity dependence, Astrophysical Journal, 803, 47 (2015).
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  22. Florinski, V., Pickup ion acceleration at the termination shock and in the heliosheath, Space Science Reviews, 143, 111 (2009).


Recent grants and contracts

  1. Structure and physics of the global heliosphere during the minimum of the solar cycle 24 (NASA NNH09ZDA001N-CCMSC) - $298,000.
  2. Effects of Solar Cycle 24 on the spatial and temporal structure of the heliosheath and its impact on the modulation of galactic cosmic rays in the heliosphere (NASA NNH09ZDA001N-CCMSC) - $269,000.
  3. CAREER: Computational physics for research and industry (NSF 08-557) - $694,452.
  4. Investigating global energetic ion and neutral atom populations with IBEX and Voyager (NASA NNH11ZDA001N-HGI) - $316,195.
  5. Collaborative research: Developing mathematical algorithms for adaptive, geodesic mesh MHD for use in astrophysics and space science (NSF 12-566) - $125,102.