Gary Zank

gary zank

Professor and Chair of Physics

Director, CSPAR

Office: OB 201C
Phone: 256-824-2482, 256-961-7401

Research Interests

My research interests range from space physics to astrophysics to laboratory plasma physics. I use a combination of large computer simulations, modeling, and analysis to address problems of interest and the results are then related, where possible, to observations. In space physics, my activities encompass the physics of the solar corona and solar wind acceleration, the interaction of the solar wind with the non-magnetized bodies, the interplanetary medium (turbulence, shock waves, solar wind composition, neutral and charged particle transport, particle acceleration, solar energetic particles and cosmic rays, dust, etc.), and the interaction of the heliosphere with the local interstellar medium (LISM). I maintain an active research program in several areas of plasma astrophysics, focusing primarily but not exclusively on galactic cosmic rays, the interstellar medium, galactic magnetic fields, and the interaction of stellar winds with their local interstellar environment


  • B.S., Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics, University of Natal, South Africa (1982)

  • B.S. (Honors), Applied Mathematics, University of Natal, South Africa (1983)

  • Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, University of Natal, South Africa (1987)