Thomas Bahder


Adjunct Associate Professor

Office: Rm. 218, Bldg. 7804, Redstone Arsenal

Phone: 256-876-8182 Cell 1: 256-755-7975 Cell 2: 256-698-7024


Research Areas

  • Quantum Information theory, quantum optics, and effects of entanglement

  • Quantum Metrology

  • General relativity and applications to satellite navigation and time transfer

  • Quantum communication, cryptography, sensors, and imaging

  • Solid-state electronic, optical, magnetic, and mechanical properties of materials

  • Semiconductor quantum well and quantum dot optical, mechanical and electrical properties

  • Symbolic and numerical computation using Mathematica

  • Space science and technology: Geolocation, Reconnaissance and National Space Systems


  • B.S., Physics, S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York (1977)

  • Ph.D., Theoretical Physics, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey (1984)