JUMP in Physics

JUMP (Joint Undergraduate Master’s Program)

Department of Physics/College of Science


JUMP offers the opportunity for undergraduate students to study at the graduate level and to potentially reduce the time and cost needed to obtain a terminal Physics Master’s with thesis degree.  In particular, courses totaling 12 credit hours will be double-counted as both graduate and undergraduate level courses (see below).  See http://www.uah.edu/graduate/admissions/jump for additional benefits, the Application Form and the JUMP Parameters.  Detailed information specific to Physics JUMP is listed below.


  • Eligibility: Required GPA for admission:  3.50


  • Pre- and co-requisite undergraduate courses taken during freshman to senior years:  Physics Core, PH431/432 E&M I and II, PH451/452 Quantum I and II, plus any General Education Requirements and Minor Requirements


  • JUMP courses to be double-counted as graduate and undergraduate degree requirements (12 cr. hrs.): PH/MA 607 and 609  Math Methods I and II, PH621 Stat Mech I, and PH5XX/6XX Elective


  • Difference between the normal Physics MS program and Physics JUMP:
  1. Required Grad courses for Physics Master’s with Thesis:  In addition to the above double-counted courses (12 cr. hours), the following courses are required:  PH601, 651, 652, 631, PH792 Seminar (2 cr. hours), and PH699 Thesis research (at least 6 cr. hours) for a total of 32 cr. hours.
  2. JUMP:  Courses double-counted will fulfill both the BS and MS degree course requirements. For the BS degree, usually PH607/609 replace (2) MA4xx courses in the Math minor, but may replace other 4xx courses as approved by JUMP advisor.  PH5xx/6xx Elective and PH621 replace 2 upper-level electives required for the 39 credit hours at 3xx level or above.  Additional courses listed in item 1 above complete the MS degree.


Overall, a total of 26 credit hours for courses and seminars, as noted above, and at least 6 thesis credit hours are required for Master’s with Thesis.