Ned Corron


Adjunct Assistant Professor

Office: Rm. 238, Bldg. 7804, Redstone Arsenal
Phone: 256-876-1860

Research Areas

  • My research interests are centered on the interesting nonlinear dynamics
    of chaotic oscillators.  My interest is motivated by the opportunity
    chaotic oscillators may offer in providing a new class of wide bandwidth
    waveforms for communication, radar, and ladar applications.  As opposed
    to conventional signal generation using explicit modulation of stable
    narrow-band oscillators, chaotic sources are unstable (but controllable
    and synchronizable!) devices that naturally generate very wide bandwidth
    waveforms.  Once viewed as something to be avoided, the inherent
    instability of chaos enables simple devices to generate many complex
    waveforms suitable for high-resolution, unambiguous ranging or
    high-speed data transmission.

    Specific research interests include...

    - Role of symbolic dynamics, information, and entropy in chaotic systems

    - Methods for synchronization and control of nonlinear oscillators

    - Investigation of instances of exactly solvable chaos in switching systems

    - Development and characterization of novel electronic chaotic oscillators


  • B.S., Mathematics and Physics, North Central College (1983)

  • Ph.D., Engineering Science and Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University (1989)