Qiang Hu

qiang hu 2

Assistant Professor

Office: OB 210
Phone: 256-824-2934
Email: qiang.hu@uah.edu

Research Areas

  • Transient structures in interplanetary space: magnetic flux ropes, shock waves and discontinuities

  • Physical and causal relations between interplanetary structures and their solar sources

  • Magnetic field structures of the solar atmosphere (coronal magnetic field modeling)

  • Data analysis support for spacecraft missions and collaborative investigations


  • B.S., Space Physics, University of Science and Technology of China (1994)

  • M.S., Space Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1997)

  • Ph.D., Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire (2001)

External Links:

  • A research project on coronal loop identification for undergraduate student researchers, funded by NSF