Math Placement

Students are required to have their mathematics placement level determined before enrolling in their first mathematics course at UAH. This process is intended to help make sure that students are placed in an appropriate course, and therefore have the best possible opportunity for success.

Students are placed at the appropriate level according to AP calculus test scores, ACT/SAT scores in mathematics, their previous college credit (precalculus or higher), or a placement test. Students with various placement levels can begin their MA courses (depending on their major) as follows:

  • Level 0: MA 004
  • Level 1: MA 107, MA 110, or MA 112
  • Level 2: MA 113, MA 115, or MA 120
  • Level 3: MA 171

Placement Table

The following table describes placement based on ACT scores, SAT scores, and the placement test.

Math ACT Math SAT Placement Test AP Calculus Test Score             Placement

Equivalent Math Course (dependent on major)

0-19 200-440 0-44 NA Level 0 MA 004
20-25 450-550 45-74 NA Level 1 MA 107, 110, 112
26-28 560-590 75-94 NA Level 2 MA 113, 115, 120
29-36 600-800 95-120 NA Level 3 MA 171
NA NA NA 3 (either AB or BC test) NA MA 172
NA NA NA 4 or 5 (only the BC test) NA MA 201

Please note that the equivalent mathematics course is the course that the student must enroll in based upon placement.

Placement Test

The placement test used by the department is a web-based test known as Accuplacer, and was developed by The College Board, the same organization that is responsible for the SAT.   

To schedule an appointment to take the mathematics placement test, please contact the Mathematical Sciences Department at (256) 824-6470 or Shelby Center 258A.