MA 433

Undergraduate Courses

MA 433, Introduction to Geometry

Course Description and Goals

This is a basic course in geometry for students in mathematics, science, and engineering. Topics include

  • geometry from an axiomatic point of view
  • introduction to non-Euclidean geometries with emphasis on elliptic and hyperbolic geometries.
  • selected topics in Euclidean geometry.

Course goals include

  • an improved ability the think abstractly, and in particular, a basic understanding of an abstract geometrical structure defined axiomatically
  • a basic understanding of the classical non-Euclidean geometries
  • an improved understanding of Euclidean geometry and a reinforcement of concepts and techniques learned previously
  • an improved ability to read, write, speak, and think in mathematical terms.


MA 244 and MA 330


3 Semester Hours

Grading System

This course is graded A, B, C, D, F. The grade typically depends on a combination of class tests, homework assignments, quizzes, and a comprehensive final exam.