Math Learning Center

mlc-libraryThe UAH Mathematics Learning Center is located in the UAH Salmon Library, and serves as the center for computer-assisted mathematics instruction at UAH. If you are looking for tutoring for any other math course, drop-in tutoring is available in the Mathematics Tutoring Center, in 008 Shelby Center.

Have a question?

  • E-mail us at
  • Stop by LIB 205 during the hours below
  • Or by phone: (256) 824-6353

MLC Hours – Spring '14

(Jan 8 - April 24)


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8:00 am  CLOSED  Open 8:00am Open 8:00am Open 8:00am Open 8:00am CLOSED CLOSED
9:00 am Open Open  Open  Open  Open 9:00am
10:00 am Open Open  Open  Open  Open 
11:00 pm Open Open Open Open Open
12:00 pm Open Open Open  Open  Open 
1:00 pm Open Open Open Open  Open
2:00 pm Open Open Open Open Open
3:00 pm Open Open Open Open  Closed 3:00pm
4:00 pm Open Open  Open Open 
5:00 pm  Open Open  Open Closed 5:00pm 
6:00 pm  Closed 6:00pm Closed 6:00pm  Closed 6:00pm
7:00 pm

**The MLC will be CLOSED on the following days:

Mon, Jan 20 - Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday

Mon, Mar 24 - Fri, Mar 28 - Spring Break

Fri, Apr 25 - Make-Up Exams

Mon, Apr 28 - Fri, May 2 - Final Exams

Mon, May 5 - Mon, May 26 - Semester Break 

We will REOPEN on the first day of Summer 2014 classes - Tues, May 27.


The Director of the Mathematics Learning Center is Ms. Shelley Lenahan.

Computer Assisted Courses:

Currently, the following courses are taught in a computer assisted format using MyMathLab.  MyLabsPlus is a convenient enrollment tool for MyMathLab, and students will use their Angel login, except CAPS will be used in the password.  The username is the first part of your UAH e-mail address (abc0003 for example), and the password (IN CAPS) is first initial, last initial, last 6 of your A# (AC123456 for example).

For instructor specific information for each course, such as syllabi or schedules, please login to Angel (

Instructors and Tutors for the Spring 2014 semester:

Tutor Schedule

  • Mr. Abe Becker
  • Mr. Josh Busby
  • Dr. Terri Johnson, MA 112 Coordinator
  • Ms. Shelley Lenahan, MA 004 Coordinator
  • Mr. Toanl Nguyen
  • Ms. Inna Vasylieva
  • Mr. Colin White
  • Ms. Catherine Wilson
  • Mr. Tianwei Yang

Lab Monitors

  • Mr. Hanson Chan
  • Mr. Josh McCurdy

General Policies

  • The MLC is a mathematics classroom. Please be quiet during your visit to the MLC.
  • The Lab Monitor will check that you log in and out of the MLC by swiping your Charger Card. You must log out whenever you leave the MLC, even for a short break.
  • You cannot log someone else in or out of the MLC. A violation of this rule is considered academic misconduct.
  • Eating, drinking, and sleeping are not allowed in the MLC.
  • Cell phone use in the MLC is prohibited. Cell phones must be out of sight. The use of a cell phone or having a cell phone in sight will be considered academic misconduct.
  • No work other than mathematics is allowed in the MLC. In particular talking, surfing the web, reading and sending e-mail, (except e-mail related to your course) playing computer games, or working on non-mathematical courses is prohibited.
  • The use of the computers in the MLC is on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations can be made for ordinary course work, homework, or quizzes.
  • Please, ASK questions in the MLC. The staff members are here to help you.

Forms and Instructions

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