Math Learning Center

The UAH Mathematics Learning Center is located in the UAH Salmon Library, and serves as the center for computer-assisted mathematics instruction at UAH. If you are looking for tutoring for any other math course, drop-in tutoring is available in the Mathematics Tutoring Center, in 008 Shelby Center.

Have a question?

  • E-mail us at
  • Stop by LIB 205 during the hours below
  • Or by phone: 256.824.6353

MLC Hours – Spring '15

(Jan 7 - Apr 23)


  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8:00 am    Open 8:30am Closed Open 8:30am Open 8:30am Closed Closed
9:00 am   Open Open 9am Open  Open Open 9am  
10:00 am   Open Open  Open  Open Open   
11:00 am   Open Open Open Open Open  
12 pm   Open Open Open  Open  Open   
1:00 pm   Open Open Open Open  Open  
2:00 pm   Open Closed 2pm Open Closed 2:30pm Open  
3:00 pm  Open 3pm Open Closed Open Closed  Closed 3:30pm  
4:00 pm   Open Open 4pm  Open Open 4pm    
5:00 pm    Open Open  Open Open     
6:00 pm    Open Open  Open Open    
7:00 pm Closed 7pm  Closed 7pm Closed 7pm  Closed 7pm Closed 7pm     

**The MLC will be CLOSED on the following days:

Mon, Jan 19 - MLK, Jr. Holiday

  Mon, Mar 23 - Sun, Mar 29 - Spring Break

Fri, Apr 24 - Make-Up Exams

Mon, Apr 27 - Fri, May 1 - Final Exams

May 4 - May 25 - Semester Break


The Director of the Mathematics Learning Center is Ms. Shelley Lenahan.

Computer Assisted Courses:

Currently, the following courses are taught in a computer assisted format using MyMathLab. MyMathLab is a convenient enrollment tool for MyMathLab, and students will use their UAH login.

For instructor specific information for each course, such as syllabi or schedules, please login to Canvas.

Instructors and Tutors for the Spring 2015 semester:

Tutor Schedule

  • Dr. Terri Johnson, MA 112 Coordinator
  • Mr. Jason Knight
  • Ms. Shelley Lenahan, MLC Director
  • Mr. Charles McEniry
  • Mr. Rob Vary - Lab Monitor
  • Ms. Niki Yarbrough

General Policies

  • The MLC is a mathematics classroom. Please be quiet during your visit to the MLC.
  • The Lab Monitor will check that you log in and out of the MLC by swiping your Charger Card. You must log out whenever you leave the MLC, even for a short break.
  • You cannot log someone else in or out of the MLC. A violation of this rule is considered academic misconduct.
  • Eating, drinking, and sleeping are not allowed in the MLC.
  • Cell phone use in the MLC is prohibited. Cell phones must be out of sight. The use of a cell phone or having a cell phone in sight will be considered academic misconduct.
  • No work other than mathematics is allowed in the MLC. In particular talking, surfing the web, reading and sending e-mail, (except e-mail related to your course) playing computer games, or working on non-mathematical courses is prohibited.
  • The use of the computers in the MLC is on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations can be made for ordinary course work, homework, or quizzes.
  • Please, ASK questions in the MLC. The staff members are here to help you.

Forms and Instructions

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