Colloquium, 04/11/2014

Interactive learning objects for statistics education – experiences and new developments

Hans-Joachim Mittag, University of Hagen, Germany

3:00 p.m.                            Friday, April 11, 2014                 Shelby Center Room 218


The lecture illustrates how interactive learning objects developed at the German University of Hagen can broaden the scope of statistics education and contribute to promoting statistical literacy. The learning objects represent user-controlled statistical experiments operating on smartphones, tablets or desktops. They aim at interactively visualizing basic statistical concepts (e. g.  probability distributions) or data sets. The objects can be embedded in different educational settings, for example as an enrichment of traditional textbooks and face-to-face lecturing, or in blended learning models for distance teaching. 

Innovative learning objects for statistics education and further education can be made publicly available as open educational resources and be shared by a consortium of content providers. Since the learning objects to be presented during the lecture are in English, they can be used world-wide at universities and colleges.  The amount of text on the screen is minimized. Due to this feature, the experiments can easily be translated into other languages. The Japanese Inter-University Network for Statistics Education already employs Japanese versions of some learning objects.