Colloquium, 11/08/2013

Using Distance Measures to Locate the Malfunctioning Processor, the Thief, the Saboteur, or the Fire in a Network: Metric Bases/Locating Sets

Dr. Peter Slater, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Alabama in Huntsville

3:00 p.m.                         Friday, November 8, 2013              Shelby Center Room 218



In a multiprocessor network a processor receiving information from all of its immediate neighbors might be able to determine that one of these processors is not operating correctly, but which one cannot be directly identified. Similarly, as examples, sonar devices, heat sensors, and motion detectors can only give information about the distances to an “intruder”, likewise without a precise determination of the location.

The basic problem considered here involves systems modeled by a network in which there might be an intruder at a vertex location. One is interested in the minimum number (hence, minimum cost) of “distance determining” detectors one can use to precisely identify the location of an intruder that might be at any vertex in the network. Time allowing, various possible types of faults in the detectors themselves will be examined.