2002 Applied Mathematics Meeting

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Classroom Building

Saturday, October 27, 2002

10:00 Registration, Meeting and Greeting, Refreshments CB 147
Faculty Presentation
10:30 James Ward, UAB, Leray-Schauder Degree Theory and Bifurcation CB 133
Student Presentations
11:15 Young-Ran Lee, UAB, Schrödinger operator with a limit-periodic potential CB 133
11:45 Lunch break Area Restaurants
Faculty Presentations
1:15 Shangbing Ai, UAH, Spikes, Layers and Chaos for a Duffing Equation CB 133
2:00 Tsun-Zee Mai, UA, Performance Improvement of Asynchronous Iterations by Load Allocation, Adjustment CB 133
2:45 Break and refreshments CB 147
3:00  Faculty  CB 133 
Student  CB 101