2001 Applied Mathematics Meeting

University of Alabama, Gordon Palmer Hall

Saturday, October 27, 2001

10:00 Registration, Meeting and Greeting, Refreshments Faculty Lounge
10:25 Welcoming Remarks Conference Room
Faculty Presentation
10:30 Sumio Yamada, UAB, On Geometric Convexity in Calculus of Variations Conference Room
Student Presentations
11:15 Noureddine Hannoun, UA, Gallium and Tin Melting: A Controversy Resolved Conference Room
11:35 Thomas Park, UAH,AClass of Epidemic Models with Age Groups Conference Room
12:00 Lunch break Area Restaurants
Faculty Presentations
1:45 Pu Wang, UA, An M/G/Infinity Queue in Series Conference Room
2:00 Jia Li, UAH, Dynamic Epidemiological Models with Pathogen Mutation Conference Room
3:15 Break and refreshments
3:30 Faculty Conference Room
3:30 Students Faculty Lounge