2000 Applied Mathematics Meeting

University of Alabama in Huntsville, University Center

Saturday, December 2, 2000

10:00 Registration, Meeting and Greeting, Refreshments
10:20 Welcoming Remarks, Dr. Debra Moriarity, Associate Dean of the UAH College of Science Room 126
Faculty Presentation
10:35 Dr. S.S. Ravindran (UAH), Reduced order adaptive controllers for fluid flows using POD Room 126
Student Presentations (G)
11:20 Stoyu Barov (UA), Some properties of closed sets with convex projections in Rn Room 126
11:40 Roert Peacock (UAB), On the inverse problem for Sturm-Liouville equations Room 126
12:00 James B. Phillips (UAH), Colored distance in grid graphs Room 126
12:20 Lunch break Area Restaurants
Student Presentations (U)
1:40 Elizabeth Thoren (UAH), Real numbers from scratch Room 126
2:00 Rachel Tuck (UAH), Understanding Gödel's incompleteness theorem Room 126
2:20 Daniel Parris, (UAB), Invariant sets of covering maps of the circle Room 126
3:00 Break and refreshments
Faculty Presentations
3:15 Dr. A.J. Davis (Tuscaloosa), Acoustic diffraction by a half-plane in a viscous fluid medium Room 126
4:05 Dr. Yoshimi Saito (UAB), 2-scale convergence and homogenization Room 126
4:50 Faculty Room 126
Students Room 127