1999 Applied Mathematics Meeting

University of Alabama at Birmingham, Classroom Building

Saturday, November 6, 1999

10:00 Registration, Meeting and Greeting, Refreshments CB147
Faculty Presentation
10:30 Z J Wu (Tuscaloosa). Strong Type Estimate and Carleson Measures fo Lip Spaces CB133
Graduate Student Presentations
11:15 Thomas Park (Huntsville), Mathematical models of the multi-stran influenza problem CB133
11:45 Mayumi Sakata (Birmingham), Automated multi=model trend analyzer system (AMTAS): trends analyzer module CB133
12:14 Lunch Area Restaurants
Faculty Presentations
1:45 John Steele (Huntsville), Survival functions and reliability of self-similar structures CB133
2:30 Nandor Simanyi (Birmingham), Algebraic features of some dynamical systems CB133
3:15 Break and Refreshments CB147
3:30 Faculty CB133
Graduate Students CB101