Decay Bounds in a Model for Aggregation of Microglia: Application to Alzheimer's Disease Senile Plaques

Dr. Karen Ames Lecture Series on Applied Mathematics

Dr. Brian Straughan

Durham University, United Kingdom

April 13, 2007

202 Madison Hall
3:00 PM (Refreshments at 2:30 in 201 Madison Hall)


We study a model for aggregation, in space, of microglia. Using biological parameters found in the literature, testable thresholds are derived such that aggregation will not form if conditions are less than the threshold. This yields criteria which may determine usable bounds under which Alzheimer's disease senile plaques cannot form. The model we use has been developed by Luca et al. (2003) and involves chemoattractant and chemorepellent chemicals. Our analysis applies to two and three dimensional spatial domains.

colloq StraughanBiographical Sketch

Dr. Brian Straughan was Simson Professor of Mathematics in the University of Glasgow from 1991 - 2000 and is now Professor of Numerical Analysis in Durham University. Among his achievements he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1986, awarded a Max Planck Research Prize by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, in 1994, and elected a Foreign Member of the Accademia di Scienze, Fisiche e Matematiche di Napoli, 1995. He has published many research books, including one with Dr. Karen A. Ames, and research papers, including those also with Dr. Karen A. Ames.