Ms. Lanita Presson


Address Information

  • Office: 258G Shelby Center
  • Voice: (256) 824-6270
  • Fax: (256) 824-6173
  • E-Mail:

Professional Background

  • MA, University of Alabama in Huntsville, 1979.       Major:   Mathematics        Supporting Areas of Emphasis:   Education
  • BS, University of Arkansas, 1972.                            Major:    Mathematics        Supporting Areas of Emphasis:   Business, Education

Ms. Presson joined the faculty in 1989 after receiving a M.A. in mathematics education for the University of Alabama in Huntsville.   Ms. Presson is the course coordinator for MA 113, Precalculus with Trignometry, MA 115, Precalculus with Algebra & Trigonometry, and MA 244  Introduction to Linear Algebra.   She serves as tje Double Major Advisor in the Math Department and has served as the Coordinator the annual Alabama Association of College Teachers Alabama State High School Math since 1992 hosted each spring on campus.    Ms. Presson continues to serve as a Faculty Advisor for the the Portfolio Exit Conferences for University of Alabama in Huntsville Education Department.