MA 107

Undergraduate Courses

MA 107, Algebra With Applications

Course Description and Goals

MA 107 is a basic course in college algebra with special emphasis on financial applications, and is intended primarily for students in Administrative Science. Topics include:

  • a review of basic algebra
  • functions and graphs
  • linear models
  • mathematics of finance
  • exponential and logarithmic functions
  • sets and probability

The goals of the course include

  • the ability to perform standard algebraic operations on polynomial and rational expressions, and transform algebraic expressions into various equivalent forms, depending on the purpose intended.
  • a basic understanding of functions and expressions from contrasting but complementary points of view: algebraic, geometric, procedural.
  • the ability to model and solve basic algebraic problems in administrative science.
  • the ability to recognize common algebraic fallacies, particularly those that involve the improper interchange of operations.
  • an improved ability to read, write, speak, and think in mathematical terms.



Credit Hours

3 Semester Hours. No credit given to students who have received credit for another MA course.

Grading System

This course is graded A, B, C, D, NC. The grade typically depends on a combination of class tests, homework, quizzes, and a comprehensive final exam.