Don Gregory

Gregory d


Office: OB 226
Phone: 256-824-2840

Research Areas

  • Optics solutions to real problems and the investigation of new optical materials and sources for future optical devices

  • Optical based liquid flow sensors, pressure and temperature sensors and chemical detectors that can be utilized on spacecraft for detecting the presence of Formaldehyde

  • Development of infrared scene projectors that utilize high power infrared diodes to simulate the signature of an infrared scene

  • High energy lasers are also a significant interest in two areas: the design of optical resonators for thin disk lasers and the use of the lasers for propulsion applications

  • Thin films of polymer and blown glass as active optical elements

  • Utilizing optical correlators for performing autonomous rendezvous and docking maneuvers for spacecraft

  • The atmospheric THz imaging program will exploit the unique characteristics of terahertz light for imaging applications


  • A.S., Physics, Math, Gadsden State College, Gadsden, Alabama (1972)

  • B.S., Physics, Math, Secondary Education, University of Alabama in Huntsville, with teaching certificate (1975)

  • M.S., Physics (with thesis), University of Alabama in Huntsville (1978)

  • Ph.D., Physics, University of Alabama in Huntsville (1984)