Crippsii Hinoki Falsecypress

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Crippsii' - 'Crippsii' Hinoki Falsecypress

Family - Cupressaceae

Size - To approximately 15 feet. Pyramidal shape. Approximately 6 to 10" of growth per year can be expected. Very tight form. Like all Chamaecyparis, it prefers a humid atmosphere.

Foliage - Frond like, extreme golden yellow with interior fronds a rich dark green. Tips of fronds curving downward give it a somewhat graceful appearance. The color contrast can be startling and is noticed for great distances.

Flower/Fruit/Seed -

Bark -

Pests and Diseases - Relatively free of problems.

Landscape Use - Accent plant in the landscape border. Can be combined with plants that are dark tones of green to buffer and highlight the gold. Can be used as a specimen or mixed in with other conifers in the rock garden. Plants with blue foliage accentuate the golden-yellow tone further.

Performance - 8 Not commonly seen, but the Chamaecyparis in general are starting to be used more. I believe they have great potential for the south. Originally I questioned their ability to deal with the heat and clay soils but they have proven to be more adaptable than I gave them credit for. There are so many cultivars of Chamaecyparis which can be used to add interest to the landscape.

Crippsii Hinoki Falsecypress foliage