Scholarships & Endowments


 What is an endowment?

Your endowed gift to The University of Alabama in Huntsville will support the donor chosen program permanently.  Endowments are created to support student scholarships, designated programs, faculty research or even to assist with student and faculty recruitment.  This type of gift will continue to grow while the investment earnings support the specified area. 

How can I benefit from establishing an endowment at UAHuntsville?

Many donors find establishing an endowment in honor or in memory of a family member or friend to be very gratifying.  Creating a piece of University history is rewarding in so many ways.   Many students depend on scholarship endowments to provide them the necessary funding to complete their college education.  How great is it to be able to see so many students benefit from generosity! 

How will the endowment benefit the UAHuntsville? 

University endowments provide funds that assist with the University recruiting efforts for students and faculty along with supporting the desginated programs. Students, colleges, departments, programs, faculty and staff benefit all the way around when endowments are established.  Endowments can support a specific program or award student scholarships.

How can I create an endowment? 

Establishing an endowment can be completed with a gift of cash, securities or real estate gift.  They can also be created through a charitable trust, insurance policy or will.  Endowments can be initiated through a pledge to be paid off in a number of years.  Many donors continue to donateto the fund even after the initial endowment.

How does the University manage endowments?

Once a gift of pledge is received towards creating an endowment, a Memorandum of Agreement will be executed between the donor and the University.  The agreement will outline the terms of the endowment gift.

Funds will be officially endowed by a Resolution of the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama System when the initial funding is fulfilled.  You will receive a copy and the resolution will be entered into the minutes of the board to become a part of the historical record.

Each endowment will be invested in the University's Pooled Endowment Fund.  The fund is invested utilizing the expertise of a number of external fund managers and is administered and reviewed by the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama System. 

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