Certificate Programs

Cybersecurity Certificate

The Department of Computer Science collaborates with Electrical and Computer Engineering and the College of Business to offer an interdisciplinary graduate certificate program in Cybersecurity. Contact the Department for further details.

Modeling and Simulation Certificate

The certificate in Modeling and Simulation will provide post-baccalaureate students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skill in the use of computational theories and skills for the development of software models and simulation.
The courses in the certificate program may be applied to the M.S. in Computer Science. Students in the certificate program must be admitted to the graduate school, have a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering, have taken linear algebra, calculus, discrete math and probability, and be proficient in programming and data structures. The certificate program consists of 5 courses, to include

Two core courses:

CS 581 (Modeling and Simulation I) and CS 582 (Modeling and Simulation II)

Two courses from one of the following groups:

1. Object-oriented programming and software engineering
CS 551 (Software Modeling)
CS 552 (Analysis and Design Patterns)
CS 650 (The Software Engineering Process)

2. Visualization
CS 545 (Introduction to Computer Graphics)
CS 548 (Human Computer Interaction)
CS 645 (Computer Graphics)
CS 646 (Computer Geometry Modeling)

3. Information Systems
CS 530 (Expert Systems and Heuristic Programming)
CS 553 (Client/Server Architectures)
CS 630 (Artificial Intelligence I)
CS 670 (Computer Networks)
CS 687 (Data Base Systems)

One additional course from those listed above, or an approved domain course.

Software Engineering Certificate

The Software Engineering Program is designed for those students who want to broaden their knowledge in this area, but do not necessarily desire to pursue a graduate degree in computer science. The certificate requires 18 graduate semester hours of coursework in software engineering, which must include CS 650 and five courses selected from the following courses: CS 551, 552, 553, 652, 655, 656, 658, 666, or 668. Students desiring to complete the certificate program should have either industrial experience in software development or have undergraduate courses in software development. Students pursuing an MSSE degree are not eligible for the Software Engineering Certificate.