William F. Kaukler

kaukler w

Associate Research Professor, Chemistry

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Materials Science

Office: VBRH E41
Phone: 256.824.6967
Fax: 256.824.6349
Email: kauklerw@uah.edu


  • Ph.D. Metallurgy and Materials Science (Toronto) 1981

Academic Experience

Teaching materials science courses (CHE/MAE 24)

Research Interests

X-ray microscopy of solidification dynamics. Conceived and assembled the apparatus to view metals during solidification with magnification using the x-ray projection technique. Primarily performs this research at Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA. See web sites :

Selected Publications

"Using X-ray Microscopy to Observe the Solidification Phenomena in Metals", William F. Kaukler, Microscopy Today, Issue 97-6, (1997) Today Enterprises, Middleton WI pp. 26-28.

"Dynamics of Solid/Liquid Interface Shape Evolution near an Insoluble Particle - An X-ray Transmission Microscopy Investigation", S. Sen, W.F. Kaukler, P. Curreri and D.M. Stefanescu: Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 28A (1997) pp. 2129-2135.

"In-situ studies of precipitate formation in Al-Pb monotectic solidification by X-ray transmission microscopy", W.F. Kaukler, F. Rosenberger and P.A. Curreri, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 27 1997.

"Application of Expert System Technology to Hydrogen Environment Embrittlement of SSME Alloys", W. F. Kaukler and G. L. Workman in Second Workshop on Hydrogen Effects on Materials in Propulsion Systems, NASACP-3182, (1992) 76.

"Laser Welding in a Reduced Gravity Environment", W. F. Kaukler and G. L. Workman, AIAA paper 92-0846, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 30th Meeting of Aerospace Sciences, Reno, NV, Jan.6-9, 1992.

"Crystallization Microstructure in Transparent Monotectic Alloys", W. F. Kaukler and D. O. Frazier, Nature323(608) (1986) 50.