Dr. Eric M. Mendenhall

Mendenhall small2

Assistant Professor

Molecular Biology
Genomics and Epigenetics
Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology

Office: Shelby Center Room 302N
Phone: 256.824.6167
Email: eric.mendenhall@uah.edu

Research Description

The goal of our lab is to define the function of the non-coding genome, the mere 99% of the mammalian genome that does not directly code for a protein. Our work focuses on: (i) the identification and functional characterization of candidate distal enhancers, and their associated chromatin states; (ii) the importance of the underlying DNA sequence in establishing chromatin or DNA methylation states. We utilize a number of synthetic biology tools, including customizable DNA binding proteins (TALEs), synthetic DNA libraries and combines these with next-generation sequencing to assign biological functions to non-coding regions of the genome.

Selected Publications

1. Mendenhall E.M., Williamson K.E, Reyon D., Zou J.Y., Ram O., Joung J.K., Bernstein B.E., (2013) Locus-specific chromatin inactivation at endogenous enhancers with programmable TALE-LSD1 fusions, Nature Biotechnology Sept 8

2. Mendenhall E.M., Bernstein B.E., (2012) Protein Binding in High Definition. Genome Biology Jan; 27;13(1):139

3. Mendenhall E.M.,* Koche R.P.*, Truong T., Zhou V.W., Issac B., Chi A.S., Ku M., Bernstein B.E. (2010) GC-rich sequence elements recruit PRC2 in mammalian ES cells. PLoS Genetics Dec 9;6(12):e1001244 PMCID: PMC3000368 (*authors contributed equally)

4. Ku M.,* Koche R.P.,* Rheinbay E.,* Mendenhall E.M., Endoh M., Mikkelsen T.S., Presser A., Nusbaum C., Xie X., Chi A.S., Adli M., Kasif S., Ptaszek L.M., Cowan C.A., Lander E.S., Koseki H., Bernstein B.E. (2008) Genomewide analysis of PRC1 and PRC2 occupancy identifies two classes of bivalent domains. PLOS Genetics Oct; 4 (10):e100242

5. Mendenhall E.M., Bernstein BE., (2008) Chromatin state maps: new technologies, new insights. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development Apr; 18(2):109-115

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