Graduate Degree Programs

The department provides an atmosphere and research facilities that are especially suitable for students pursuing an M.S. degree or the Biotechnology Science and Engineering Ph.D program. Our faculty members have national and international recognition and a strong commitment to research. Our faculty members understand and work with graduate students in designing their research projects and course work for M.S. or the Ph,D degrees. Students in the program study under the guidance of a faculty advisor and an advisory committee. The department emphasizes research and course work in the following areas: cell biology, environmental biology, evolutionary biology, genetics and molecular biology, microbiology and physiology. More detailed information can be found in individual faculty pages.

Qualified graduate students may apply for Teaching Assistantships that provide a monthly stipend and tuition. Individual faculty also have research projects that fund for Graduate Research Assistantships. Students applying to our M.S. or PhD programs are encouraged to contact individual faculty for availability of Research Assistantships.