While you will not be uploading your resume directly to most central application service websites, it will be important to have a resume and will be needed for the PPAC process and perhaps for future interviews.

Your resume is a great way to organize and keep all your information and makes it easy for readers to see what you have accomplished and learned along your journey.

Pre-Health Resume

The biggest difference bewteen a pre-health resume and a more traditional business resume is that a pre-health resume can have headings like "Shadowing" and "Community Service" and "Health Care Experience" unlike traditional resumes that typicall have "Work Experience" and "Volunteering" and leave little room for other options.


You generally want no more than 2 full pages in length, and this is only if you can really fill 2 pages.  It is either 1 full page or 2 full pages. Resumes that are 1 1/2 pages in length look awkward and unprofessional.

If you need help with making your resume fit on one page, your Pre-Health Advisor can help.

Basic Categories Pat Grant Example PreHealth Resume

You can combine, alter, or change these as you see fit to what represents your journey!

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Military Experience (if applicable)
  • Research Experience
  • Health Care Experience
  • Shadowing
  • Community Service
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Club Affiliations
  • Leadership
  • Honors and Awards
  • Outside Projects or Activites (those that just don't fit elsewhere)


Use active descriptions to explain what you did under each category. These words should be at the start of each bullet point. Need help finding such words? Try this site.

Descriptions under the Shadowing section should not repeat who you shadowed, since that should be stated in the line above, but should state how long you shadowed per week and what you learned.

Club Affiliations - Only list these if you were an active member in them. Whatever you list is fair game to be discussed in an interview.  If you list something only to fill space, this could be damaging in an interview later.


As always, if you need help with your resume, your Pre-Health Advisor is available to assist!