Mock Interviews

Interviews are used to understand and assess an individual and their passion, other than test scores and GPA.

"Study" & Prepare Mock Interview

Treat an interview like a class and prepare. This will help with nerves and confidence. Here are steps you can take to prepare:

  • Set up a mock interview with me
  • Write a list of all the meanginful experiences during your journey
    • Why was each impactful?
  • Think of all the mentors and guides during your journey
    • What did they show you? Why were they helpful?
  • Re-read all your application materials.
  • Be prepared to discuss ethical issues and answer hypothetical questions
    • Anything in your application is up for a possible question.
  • Be ready to answer questions about your grades (high & low), courses (favorites & least favorites), and entrance exam scores
  • Create lists of examples you could name if you were asked hypothetical questions about:
    • Working on a team
    • Most memorable or proud moment
    • A challenging time or issue
    • Making a tough decision
    • Manging or organizing time

Mock Interview with Me

Our mock interview focuses on content of answers. We go over classic and not-so-classic questions to build confidence and aim to improve interviewing skills.

I take notes during our conversation, which are provided for you.