Mock Interviews

Interviews are used to get to know you as a person and assess you on criteria other than test scores & GPA.

"Study" & Prepare Mock Interview

If you treat an interview like you would a class and prepare, you will feel less nervous and be much more confident going in.  Here are steps you can take to prepare:

  • Set up a mock interview with me
  • Download my list of possible questions I could ask you
  • Write a list of all the meanginful experiences you've had during your journey
  • Write down the mentors and guides you've had along the way
    • What did they show you? Why were they helpful?
    • What is one memory you can think of you had with each one that was impactful in your journey?
  • Read magazines, newspapers, current events to be informed about current issues in the health fields
  • Re-read all your application materials
    • Anything in your application is fair game and it can be easy to forget what you wrote
  • Be prepared to discuss ethical issues and answer hypothetical questions
  • Be ready to answer questions about your grades (high and low) and test scores
    • Create lists of examples you could name if you were asked hypothetical questions about:
    • Teamwork/Others
    • Ethical Issues/Morals
    • Memorable/Proud Moment
    • Challenging/Tough Issue
    • Making decisions/prioritzing
    • Time management/Organization

Mock Interview with Me

Our mock interview focuses on content of answers. We go over classic and not-so-classic questions to build your confidence and push your skills. I give you feedback on answers and teach you to turn "A" answer into "A+" answers.

I take notes during our conversation, which you take with you, so you can see what you said and what my feedback and comments were.  While I focus on content, I still give feedback on your overall posture, poise, etc. 

UAHs Career Development Center also does Mock Interviews.

Mock Interview 2Day of the Interview

  • Give plenty of time to travel and find the location.
    • Take extra time to eat breakfast.
  • Dress in business clothes!
  • Bring water, extra copies of resume, a notebook, and a pen.
  • You're always "on"! From the moment you arrive you being watched!

During the Interview

  • Write people's names on your notebook so you can remember them later
  • While listening to questions or explanations, nod slowly instead of quickly
    • This shows listening skills instead of looking like you are wanting to interrupt others
  • Take notes during the interview, especially when you get responses to your questions
  • If questions have multiple parts, don't be afraid to use your notebook to write down each part so you can stay organized.
  • Think, and if needed, pause before rushing to answer a question. Shows you are willing to take a second to process.
  • Ask questions when they allow you! Have more questions than they have time for you to ask!