Not all of your application relies on GPA and entrance exam scores. Experience also helps solidify one's career choice and can come in a variety of forms.


Experience can mean shadowing and observing various health care professionals. Starting to ask to shadow is a great step to achieving this goal.

Starting with one's own general practitioner is a good place.Try approaching them in a variety of ways depending on how busy their office is - email, in person, hard copy letter, a combination of all three.


Research allows a synthesis of knowledge from the classroom to the laboratory. Students can gain communication and teamwork skills.

A variety of faculty work on research projects. Ask them if they are currently working on something and what it is. If you are interested, ask to observe and learn more.


Internships come in a variety of forms, time spans, and locations from Huntsville to across the Globe.

One internship we promote every year is:

Huntsville Rural Pre-Medical Internship where students who are interested in becoming physcians in rural Alabama are able to enhance their understanding of rural medicine and family medicine. This internship is typically for Alabama residents who are second-years and Juniors. Applications are generally due in February.

As internships become available, they will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and the UAH Pre-Health Newsletter.