So, you want to be a doctor? Doctor 1

Being a doctor is about having a heart full of service. You give to your patients through integrity, sacrifice, and dedication.  To become a doctor you must graduate from medical school, which takes most people 4 years. You will then need extra training in the form of a residency or fellowship, which can take 3 to 6 additional years.



Here you will find important information on requirements, entrance exams, and extra experiences needed to gain entry into medical school. As you explore, keep in mind:

  • "Pre-med" is not a major. You major in any area of personal interest you would like to obtain a degree in.  Being "pre-med" is something you personally state and it signifies the extra work you will put forth on your way to medical school.
  • While a majority of our students who are "pre-med" are Science majors. This is not your only option. Medical schools accept a variety of majors. You can major in whatever you are interested in as long as you complete the appropriate requirements.
  • While the class requirements of medical seem minimal, these are only the basic classes needed. The more you push yourself (while maintaining a high GPA), the better it will be for your application.

Take a look around and explore the area of Medicine!