Dentistry - Programs & Requirements

Doctor of Medical Dentistry, D.M.D & Doctor of Dental Surgery, D.D.S.

The DMD/DDS are equivalent 4 year degrees after an undergraduate career. Requirements during school are the same and both professionals must pass the National Board Dental Eaminations (NBDE).

Schools in Alabama

Recommended Course & GPA Requirements

To be a competitive applicant we encourage a 3.5+ cumulative and science GPA.

Pre-requisites of the below courses are enforced.

Schools look for these classes:
Hrs NeededCourse NeededWhat to Take at UAH
8 hrs (w/lab) General Biology BYS 119 & BYS 120
4 hrs Biology subjects See list of competitive courses below to choose from
8 hrs (w/lab) General Chemistry CH 121/125 & CH 123/126
8 hrs (w/lab) Organic Chemistry CH 331/335 & CH 332/336
8 hrs (w/lab) General Physics

PH 101&102 or PH 111/114 & PH 112/115

Physics with calculus is more competitive

6 hrs (w/lab) Math

MA 171 & MA 281/ST 281


Courses positively adding to your application, but are not required:
CourseWhat to Take at UAH
Biochemistry BYS 361
Cell & Dev. Biology BYS 300
Microbiology BYS 321/321L
Genetics BYS 219

We strongly recommend Biochemistry in your list of courses. It will help your application, assist in dental school, and help on your DAT (entrance exam).

Most upper level science courses will prove you are interested in science, enjoy an in depth look into these subjects, and will greatly assist you on the DAT. There is a lot more you can do to make your application stand out.

The above courses support required and suggested coursework for Alabama schools. The combination of courses are guidelines and specific requirements may differ amongst schools.