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So, you want to be a dentist? Dentistry

Being a dentist provides an opportunity for you to help others become educated about, maintain, and keep good oral hygiene. You give your patients smiles through your knowledge, leadership, and communication skills.  To become a dentist you must graduate from dental school, which takes most people 4 years.


Here you will find important information on requirements, entrance exams, and extra experiences needed to gain entry into dental school. As you explore, keep in mind:

  • "Pre-dent" is not a major. You major in any area of personal interest you would like to obtain a degree in.  Being "pre-dent" is something you personally state and it signifies the extra work you will put forth on your way to medical school.
  • While a majority of our students who are "pre-dent" are Science majors. This is not your only option. Dental schools accept a variety of majors. You can major in whatever you are interested in as long as you complete the appropriate requirements.
  • While there are class requirements to apply to dental schools, these are only basic classes needed. The more you push yourself (while maintaining a high GPA), the better it will be for your application.

Take a look around and explore the area of Dentistry!


Feel free to check out this video from the American Dental Education Association the top 13 Traits for a Competitive Applicant to Dental School: