Outside Class

It's More Than Just Grades


What are you truly passionate about? Not just dentistry, a passion motivating you to make a difference in the world.  This passion should be turned into a project, more than just volunteering, one you can add to your application, which will not only help define you, but showcase your characteristics as a person. If you need help figuring this type of project out, I can help you!

Health Care Experiences Dentistry 2

What better way to make sure you want to be in dentistry than by shadowing actual dentists?  You can start with a General Dentist and move into other specialties. Through shadowing, you'll gain experiences and possible future references.  Consistent and committed shadowing will go a long way in not only making you a mature applicant, but making sure others see you as prepared.

Community Service and Volunteering

Working in dentistry means wanting to serve others. This means wanting to give back, in medical and non-medical ways. Find something you enjoy doing, something truly warming your heart, and go forth! Put as much time as you can towards those types of areas.  Don't volunteer because you think it's a checkbox, do it because you care.

Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal can be helpful for some through the process of preparing for a career in dentistry. Use it to record thoughts on your experiences, you may find you get more out of activities if you spend some time reflecting about them. Topics to consider writing about may include experiences starting your interest in dentistry or those you had while observing or volunteering clarifying for you this is the career for you. This journal will be very helpful when it comes to writing your personal statement, interviews, and other parts of the process.


Research experience can provide you with the opportunity to work closely with faculty, learn skills beyond the classroom, use research methods, engage in critical analysis, and problem solving skills. Our faculty work on a variety of research projects, which observation or participation in, will allow a better understanding between theory and practice using innovative and creative thinking.

And More!

Getting into dental school is not about accomplishing the perfect checklist. It's about truly desiring to be a better person and better future dentist. It's a complex process and sometimes, even with the best application, students will not get in. Read here to learn more about the process.