Alabama Student Rural Health Association

ASRHA is open to any and all students interested in any health related career.


    Advisor: Alabama-map

    Mrs. Dana Warner, Pre-Health Advisor


To educate students and Alabamians regarding rural health issues in the state by addressing pertinent health issues through activities, workshops, volunteering, and  information distribution in various ways.

Areas Shaded are in Need of Primary Care Doctors





Official Email uahrural@uah.edu



Dues are $15 and cover an entire academic year, August to May.

Checks can be made out to Alabama Student Rural Health Association.

Email Financial Secretary: Harsha Srikakolapu hs0013@uah.edu




The membership chair, Garrett Dunn, at gtd0001@uah.edu

will make sure the Listserv is up to date with active members,

so make sure you have checked with him to be on it,

but the official form of communication is:




Activites and Events:

  • Past Events:
    • Service Projects:
      • Adopt Highlands Medical Center Mobile Clinic
    • Fundraisers:
      • Valentine's Treats and Baked Goods
  • Future Possible Events:
    • Assist with and participate in the Alzheimers's Walk
    • "Tar Wars" to teach kids of the consequences of tobacco use
    • Families on the Go - Planning meals and healthy lifestyles

Meeting Minutes: