Application Process Pathways

There is more than one way to apply to the school of your choice. This part of the site aims to break down the process for you, giving you a chance to see the road ahead of you.

If you are a Pre-Physical Therapy or Physician Assistant student, Pathway 1 is the option for you. You will not be needing to go through our board process.


Option 1: Individual Application with Guidance as Needed

You may apply to any school of you choice, today.  Just read the school's websites carefully, call their admissions offices with questions, and apply using their directions.  Most of the time, they will want you to use a Central Application Service, like AMCAS. Read over their directions carefully, as well.

The Pre-Health Advisor is available for guidance, support, and advice along the way. In fact, it's no problem at all to read over your resume and personal statements should you want some feedback. Want a mock interview before yours comes up? Not a problem!

The biggest piece of advice is to read directions carefully. The Central Application Service may say one thing and the specific school may also want something else. Stay organized and on top of things as you are applying to your schools, as they will ask for a lot of items from you. Also, read course requirements and AP requirements carefully so you are sure you are eligible.  Make sure you find out exactly how many letters of reference you will need and give your recommendations specific instructions on how to write their letters and with plenty of time to do so.

Not all schools require or ask for Option 2, while some require it if your school has it offered.

Option 2: Committee Letter using our Pre-Professional Advisory Committee (PPAC) Board Process

The PPAC is made up of faculty, staff, and community health professionals who have been appointed and serve on the board to meet and discuss potential pre-health candidates seeking a committee letter of recommendation.  Here are the steps you would take to go through this process:

  1. Around January of the Spring before you are ready to apply, you meet with the Pre-Health Advisor to start setting up your PPAC File and discuss the necessary action steps.
  2. Your file consists of all the items you would still have to gather in Option 1, like transcripts from UAH and/or other schools, letters of recommendation from faculty, character recommendations, pre-PPAC interviews, resume, and personal statement, etc. The Pre-Health Advisor and you go over all the items you will need your file in detail as well as help you make sure each item is the best it can be.
  3. Your file is complete by May and you are signed up to have your board interview with the PPAC Board during the summer. The date of your meeting is determined on your entrance exam, when scores will come in, and if your file is complete. This is done between you and the Pre-Health Advisor. The Board meets once a month between May and August.
  4. After the Board meets and interviews you, they discuss you as an applicant and determine whether or not to recommend you as an applicant to the field of your choosing.
  5. If the Board recommends you, the Chair of the PPAC writes a very detailed, organized, letter of recommendation using excerpts from all of your letters of recommendation you gathered along the way. The schools know what our committee letter represents, the power it carries, and what it stands for.
  6. We submit our committee letter to the Central Application Service you provide us and that sends our letter out to all the schools you are applying to.

The Pre-Health Advisor is with you along the way throughout Option 1 & 2. You cannot start Option 2 without meeting with the Pre-Health Advisor. You are not advised to start Option 2 late, as it is very difficult to gather the information needed to obtain a complete and well-rounded file. It is highly recommended that option 2 not be started after the last day of July. Throughout this process, we work together to make sure you are building the characteristics needed to become the best applicant possible.