Tips & What to Expect


  • Meet with your Pre-Health Advisor early!
  • Stay Organized!
    • Keep up with your Personal Statement drafts, re-writing your resume, who you still need to contact about recommendations, etc.  
  • Schedule a Mock Interview
    • While the mock interview can't predict all the questions covered in the PPAC interview, it can give you the basic skills needed to keep you confident.


  • Arrive early! Bring a notebook and pen.
  • Think of lots of examples to use in your answers.
  • Be open to any suggestions and feedback provided.
  • Have an open mind.
  • While the board appreciates confidence, they also appreciate someone who is realistic.
  • Make eye contact with everyone around the table, even if they didn't ask the question.
  • Say thank you and shake hands!

What to Expect PPAC Tips What to Expect Prepare 2

  • Why This Profession? What about this career makes you passionate?
  • Be prepared to discuss not only what you did in your service experience, but what it meant to you.
  • Be prepared to discuss not how your shadowing experience went, but what it meant to you. Be ready to compare and contrast experiences.
  • They may also ask about parallel plans or alternative routes you have thought about to achieve your goals or other goals in case your main one does not work out.

After the Interview

The Pre-Health Advisor meets with all students very soon after their interview to discuss feedback from the board.


As always, the Pre-Health Advisor is available to discuss all of this and more with you during consultations and advising sessions.